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Windsor house natural mineral water

Natural mineral water is a very special natural product, deep beneath the South Downs in Hampshire, lays a source of pure, Natural mineral water. For over eighty years this unique source has provided clear, fresh and delicious water – Windsor House Natural Mineral Water.

To obtain mineral water status, the source from which you draw water must produce water of consistently high quality that conforms to EEC standard 80/777/EEC. This means that over a long period of testing the range of micro biological results can only fluctuate between certain limits – unlike spring water or other named waters. Windsor house natural mineral water has remained stable to this day – confirmed by full external microbiological examination.

Windsor house natural mineral water is drawn from over 400ft underground and is untouched at source – producing water of unrivalled quality.

Technical specification

The officially recognised analysis of 31 st July 1992:

  • Calcium 96.0mg/1

  • Magnesium <5.0mg/1

  • Potassium <1.2mg/1

  • Sodium 10.0mg/1

  • Hydrogen Carbonate 214.Omg/1

  • Chloride 16.8mg/1

  • Fluoride 0.1mg/1

  • Nitrate – N 2.6mg/1

  • Sulphate <10.0mg/1

Windsor House Natural Mineral Water’s latest analysis of 2006 shows the source to remain stable and of the above quality.

Water and why we need it

The average human body is made up of approximately 65% water. Water is vital to a healthy lifestyle and essential for the function of the body’s organs. The body naturally losses water thought out every day which needs to be replaced to keep the body hydrated. Lack of Hydration often results in Headaches, poor concentration, tiredness, increased risk of developing kidney infections and constipation. Nutritionalists recommend 2-3 pints or 1.5 litres of water a day to keep a healthy lifestyle.



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